Hello, my name is Hipeer I come here from Agadorie planet to show you, life on my planet, without war, without border, any borders. You can see that it is absolutely possible. On the Earth I see a very clear that any country needs to have a new democratic system. The current one does not work properly for nowadays. Too many cases there have correlation with money and sick capitalism. Around the world exist enough means to live for everyone. The problem is that majority money is in a small group of people. I don't say to be rich is a bad thing, absolutely not. The wealth distribution in a right proportion that is the crucial point. What's that mean? You can ask. I invite you to get the knowledge about Agadorie planet and you will see that a different system with different life in possible. During your journey to Agadorie you can get information how is possible to live in the peace. This is another, the most urgent and the most important thing here on the Earth planet. Stop wars, any war, what currently are almost everywhere, a civil war, religion’s war, also a bad side of nationalism is a pretty close to war, and occupation of another country included. When you start thinking about it, your hair goes up on your head immediately. I am sure you have enough empathy to be a normal human. I am sure that you condemn any fierce, atrocity and violence. So, what is about you, people? Hello there, on the Blue planet. Wake up human being, and move forward!



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